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ServPoints Sequence of Service™ (SSOS)

ServPoints™ Sequence of Service (SSOS) is a state-of-the-art design and choreography of the hospitality, service, professionalism, and fun that ensures fulfillment of your restaurants unique experience proposition by your team. All steps of your Guest service are defined and structured to ensure optimum service delivery. This sequential approach helps your team master the flow and pace of the ideal dining/service experience: smooth, flawless, and positive. ServPoints™ can be designed and tailored for all segments of food service. It serves as the centerpiece of training for all components of brand delivery, and is in alignment with your brand position and marketing initiatives.

Each ServPoints™ Sequence of Service project includes; on-site introduction teaching session by WHB&A detailing your brand specific ServPoints™ Sequence of Service. The deliverable is a PowerPoint slide show for use in classroom or computer based teaching, as well as complete CD of all materials and one hard-copy color printing.

Sequence of Service Impact Calculator

Find out how many interactions are taking place in your restaurant. Enter the amount of units you have, the Guests you serve and the number of steps in your Sequence of Service:

Enter number of Units
Enter number of Daily Customers
Enter number of # of steps
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Weekly Guest Interactions
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