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Bill's Wisdom
Your first job should be to discover someone and something right every shift.


No matter how good your food, no matter how great your concept is, without proper training and development your operations are highly vulnerable to failure.

Take the following situation as an example:

Acme Restaurant was set to open at 11:30 as usual. But Mary the bartender called at the last minute and won’t be coming in due to an illness. The night crew didn’t finish setting up the dining room and front service station so the day team must double up on duties. And the walk-in isn’t holding proper temperature. Soon the “planned day” the manager had envisioned disappeared, and the entire operation is in reactive mode. Naturally, this will affect every aspect of the guest experience, potentially damaging the brand.

Sad to say, the above scenario is not that uncommon. Success is determined by how an operation deals with such setbacks. That’s where we come in.

Perfect the core of your operations and your success is unlimited!

At W.H. Bender we offer a variety of innovative and proven restaurant training/development methodologies including ServPoints Sequence of Service™, the Restaurant Manager Playbook®, and ProActive Management® that make your operations proactive instead of reactive. We make training and development fun, and that means your team members both enjoy and retain more of what’s taught. We work with every member of your team to ensure that your operations are running as efficiently as possible. But our work goes deeper than just statistics. We set systems in place that improve morale, get team members motivated, and make your operations a great place to work no matter what the position. Best of all, we teach, coach and raise the performance level of your team so they reach your goals and it sticks!

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