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People-Organization Human Resources

Accept now and FOREVER that you are in the PEOPLE BUSINESS first and in the restaurant business second. What does that mean? It means you will spend more time, effort, and energy on people issues than ANYTHING else. That’s OK as long as you do it right. WHB&A will plan and provide the tools and resources for the four Key HR functions, Recruiting/Hiring, Training/Development, Performance Management, and Career Development.

LoyalTeam Member™—WHB&A will guide you in planning and creating a LoyalTeam Member™ work experience that guides you to being the employer of choice in your market. We evaluate your company from the viewpoint of a perspective team member/applicant—“Why should I accept an offer from you?” WHB&A will provide know-how and techniques to retain team members. Having LoyalTeam Members™ on your team means lower employee turnover costs to your company.

WHB&A works closely with Performance PI®, the industry-leading provider of Predictive Index PI® behavior assessment tools and PI® Management workshops. Performance PI® will give you an objective and effective method to find the best people for each job in the organization. Using PI® the recruitment, selection, and hiring process is more accurate and timely. When management and team members are in the right jobs and aligned they become LoyalTeam Members™ servings guests. When the transition is complete, guests win big. You can guess what happens when guests win big—right?