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Our Approach

When you think of a hiring a consultancy you probably think a bunch of MBA’s in stuffed shirts are going to show up, sit in a closed room, and analyze your operations on a computer. And you’re probably right.

A different approach, better results

At W.H. Bender we take a different approach. Yes, we will gladly run statistical analyses on your operations. But, depending on your requirements, we will also look at every aspect of your operations by visiting your restaurant(s), talking to customers and employees, examining the competition, and more. The result? You get a complete picture of your operations, what’s working and what’s not working, in addition to concrete recommendations that will boost your revenues and give you an unbeatable competitive edge. Put simply, you get results that a traditional consulting firm can’t deliver.

Lesson #1: You’re not in the restaurant business!

One of the biggest mistakes our clients make is thinking they are in the restaurant business. All their efforts are focused on food, fixtures, and operations — and they miss the big picture. The reality is they (and you!) are in the people business. Face it. The restaurant/foodservice business is now hyper-competitive. That means your customers have more choices in dining and service styles than ever, and just having good food or a unique interior isn’t going to guarantee guest loyalty.

At W.H. Bender everything we do is done from the customer perspective. From the second your guests enter your parking lot to the moment they leave the door what defines your brand and drives the guest experience? In addition, we also analyze your team members’ performance and work experience. After all, unhappy or ineffective workers aren’t going to help you reach your goals.

And everything we do is customized to your business and brand. Often restaurant consultants will pigeonhole your operation and give you a cookie cutter plan for “success”. But at W.H. Bender we know that your operations are unique and treat them as such.

Best of all, we have fun. You’ll find our consultants personable, approachable, and anything but boring. That especially holds true for our training and development. Our clients (and their team members!) tell us they’ve never had a better time or gotten more out of a training session than with our consultants. In fact, as word spread people actually looked forward to it!

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Restaurant and Foodservice Consulting Services

W.H. Bender & Associates is a Restaurant and Foodservice consulting firm specializing in Management Advisory Services (MAS) for Casual Dining, Quick Service, Fast Casual and Fine Dining Restaurants.

Offering a variety of proven services and associations with strategic partners, W.H. Bender & Associates provide Independent Restaurants, Multi-unit Operators, Regional and Emerging Chains with expertise and resources for restaurant operations improvement, sales growth and profitable results.

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