SSA Providing Free COVID19 Relief Consulting to Foodservice Operators



I recently passed my Foodservice Consultants Society International (FCSI) 20th anniversary as a professional member. People ask “Why are you a member of FCSI”, or “What are the benefits of being an FCSI professional member?” Let’s go into the Wayback Machine. As a hard-working entry-level team member in restaurants, I had the life-altering opportunity to join Steak and Ale Restaurants before a new unit opening in Rockville, Maryland. This would be the nineteenth S&A restaurant. It was a Jolly Ox and opened in 1971. We were immediately setting records for meals served and of course unit sales. We were a TEAM and proud of our unit’s (#2113) achievement.

The lessons learned about great Leadership, Teamwork, Internal Communication, Organizational Skills, Guest Experience, Speed of Service, Food Quality, Profitability, and Fun, were learned in the 4-walls there. Our managers and leaders were awesome. My hiring General Manager was Allen Bailiff, and the Assistant Manager was Tom D. Hays. We had a terrific Area Supervisor named Carl Hays responsible for bringing the S&A brand to the east coast from Texas. Carl taught all of us and has been a mentor and friend of mine since that time. In less than a year, Carl would be moving to Dallas to become the Vice President of Operations for Norman Brinker. After four years at S+A, Tom Hays would recruit me and several other high performers from Rockville to join him and his partner Wayne Blackman for the next fifteen years in San Deigo. What a time we had together.

Bill Main photo

Bill Main, FCSI – The #MenuGuy!

After many years in single-unit and eventually multi-unit restaurant management, I realized that I enjoyed teaching as well as coaching and developing people to top performance levels by being a One Minute Manager. I decided to transition into foodservice consulting. On this consulting path, I joined the California Restaurant Association and met Bill Main, FCSI, CSP a CRA board member. He welcomed me to consulting and shared more with me than I can ever repay. He told me “If you are going to be serious and dedicated to professional restaurant consulting, you should look into FCSI.” I took his advice to heart and researched FCSI. Bill was a CRA role model, an FCSI Professional Member, and a dynamic Certified Speaking Professional speaker and he became a valuable friend. I discovered a worthwhile niche based on my experience and skillset for delivering Management Advisory Services (MAS). I applied to FCSI to become a professional member.

As an FCSI member, you join a Society of consulting professionals, colleagues, as well as a network of foodservice industry manufacturers, that uphold the same ethics and values that you believe in operating by. Everyone I have met in FCSI, loves the Hospitality Industry, just like I do. So we all share a special bond and support each other as much as possible.



This brings me to Ken Schwartz, FCSI the President + CEO of SSA Foodservice Design + Consulting, based in Tampa, Florida. Ken and I agreed to align as well as work together at SSA after a few conversations at several conferences and trade shows. I have been serving as a vice president to Ken since the start of 2017. When I say I’m honored to be a part of SSA and to work alongside Ken and the entire SSA Team, you might ask why? Watch this SSA Covid19 video by Ken and read the SSA press release. If that doesn’t answer your question, then nothing that I can write or say will.

SSA Video

SSA president + ceo

The restaurant and hospitality industry will rebound and we will bring the industry back from the Covid19 crisis. You can bet on it! Please meet my friend Ken Schwartz, FCSI, and read the press release below. Any CRA members or owners and operators are welcome to contact us.

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Press Release

Contact:                                                                               FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Ken Schwartz, fcsi

SSA Foodservice Design + Consulting

o: 813-575-6900


SSA Providing Free COVID19 Relief Consulting to Foodservice Operators

TAMPA, FL., April 22, 2020

SSA COVID19 relief consulting – The hospitality industry has entered the vast unknown due to COVID-19. It has, on a global level, materially crippled the beloved foodservice and hospitality industry. With more than150+ combined years of international industry experience across all foodservice sectors (ie restaurants, casino, hotels, resorts, healthcare, workplace dining, sports venues, airports, and college/universities) the SSA team is here for the industry facing the daunting tasks associated with how to rehire, retrain, reequip, refinance, replenish and most importantly reopen. SSA is solutions driven firm and as a way for them to reinvest back into the industry, they are making their team of experts available to foodservice operators, free of charge. Regardless of the size of the organization, SSA’s team of consultants are available to speak with owners/operators about business Survival, offering Support and assisting them with how to Adapt, again free of charge, in their quest to reopen.

About SSA Foodservice Design + Consulting

SSA is a global hospitality design and consulting firm established in Tampa by Ken Schwartz in 1987. SSA specializes in food and beverage service design and is known for their Bespoke design solutions. Ken has been selected as one of the top twelve design consultants in the world and the SSA team has grown from a single office to multiple locations in the US and Europe. SSA project engagements range from small boutique coffee establishments to $2.6 billion resorts. Brands, architects, and interior designers within all sectors of foodservice design (ie restaurants, casinos, hotels, resorts, healthcare, workplace dining, sports venues, airports, and college/universities) engage SSA for its extensive knowledge, creativity, and collaborative approach.

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