Foodable WebTV 2015 Restaurant Technology Guide

December 22, 2015 – It’s Christmas week so everyone is jamming getting restaurant sales up and delivering on brand promise (We Hope). So this will be a short post. As I have written previously, it’s a real honor to work with CEO and Executive Producer Paul Barron and the Foodable WebTV Network Team. Eric Norman, FCSI […]

Our Giving Tuesday Note for the CRA Education Foundation #CRAEF

Thanksgiving was fun this year as Pamela and I welcomed our our niece from Los Angeles for the holiday weekend. We had a great time together and it made me think of ways to say Thanks. Of course CRAEF comes to mind first with the work the CRAEF team and all our volunteers do for […]

W.H. Bender & Associates Gives Back to Local Community During Second Annual FIT™ Day Event

On October 27, W.H. Bender & Associates’s Founder, William H. Bender, FCSI volunteered at the California Restaurant Association Education Foundation’s 2015 FIT™ Day at Pacific Grove High School. Industry volunteers arrived in 56 high school culinary classrooms across California to teach Force In Training™  and share personal anecdotes on topics such as professionalism, teamwork, workplace communication […]

CRA Educational Foundation Board August 2015 Meeting Recap

August 26, 2015 – I returned midweek from the the Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo that was held in the Los Angeles Convention Center. The California Restaurant Association schedules it’s Board Meeting as does the CRA Educational Foundation in conjunction with the Expo. During our CRAEF Board meeting conducted by Chairman Fred Glick and Executive […]


July 29, 2015 Rock My Restaurant co-host Eric Norman and I are celebrating the launch of Rock My Restaurant – Pro with Foodable WebTV Network Executive Producer Paul Barron. Rock My Restaurant is about: Building, Designing, Equipping, Operations, Technology, Innovation and Brand Development from the ground up. We’ve been developing a New Format for RMR called Rock […]


April 30, 2015 A terrific example of an Organization and Restaurant Industry Professionals Making a difference with At-Risk Youths @OldSkoolCafe in San Francisco. Please watch the video from Lizzie Bermudez of Bay Area LIFE. This show put a Happy Smile on my face. OldSkool Keep it Going! Enjoy a great meal while making a difference! Old Skool Café is […]

What happens when a city raises its minimum wage 36%? | National Restaurant Association

Source: What happens when a city raises its minimum wage 36%? | National Restaurant Association

Restaurant Water Conservation by Executive Chef John Cox

April 22, 2015 Executive Chef John Cox of Sierra Mar wrote this Blog last week. His idea was so innovative and brilliant I selected it to share as he requested. This is such a Fresh Approach to water conservation and may save more water in California Restaurants than all other programs combined! Kudos to Chef Cox! […]


September 15, 2014 Speed of Service is a critical factor when “delivering brand” to Guests. When and how did I learn about this topic? Long before the National Restaurant Association started ProStart there were some school districts teaching home economics classes in high school. I attended Richard Montgomery High School in Rockville, Maryland.  I decided to take […]

CRA Educational Foundation Board Meeting Update

August 16, 2014 – I have had the honor of serving as a member of the CRAEF board for five years and want to share some of the work the CRAEF board and staff of  CRAEF accomplish. The California Restaurant Association Education Foundation (CRAEF)  is the philanthropic foundation for the California Restaurant Association (CRA). I’m asked […]

Developing a Restaurant Digital Device Policy

  August 12, 2014 Developing a Restaurant Digital Policy Few things can ruin a restaurant guest experience faster than a loud, vocal person on a digital device unaware or oblivious that there is person or party being disturbed. Another area of concern are the multiple beeps, chirps, and notification sounds of devices and apps that […]

The Chipotle Effect – 10 Key Learnings & Leadership 3.0

June 18, 2012 The Chipotle Effect by Paul Barron, the founder of, is charging up the best-sellers list and I had been eagerly anticipating its delivery. I smiled as my autographed copy arrived last week. It details “The changing landscape of the American Food Consumer and how Fast Casual is impacting the future of […]

W.H. Bender’s Top Ten Books for Restaurant Manager Insight

It is always rewarding to read a book and discover that you have gained valuable knowledge that can be applied in your life or your career. Here are my Top 10 Books for training and learning for anyone in or entering the restaurant industry. These select books are excellent resources for any owner or manager. […]

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