September 15, 2014 Speed of Service is a critical factor when “delivering brand” to Guests. When and how did I learn about this topic? Long before the National Restaurant Association started ProStart there were some school districts teaching home economics classes in high school. I attended Richard Montgomery High School in Rockville, Maryland.  I decided to take […]

Developing a Restaurant Digital Device Policy

  August 12, 2014 Original Posting Date – Developing a Restaurant Digital Policy Few things can ruin a restaurant guest experience faster than a loud, vocal person on a digital device unaware or oblivious that there is person or party being disturbed. Another area of concern are the multiple beeps, chirps, and notification sounds of […]

W.H. Bender’s Top Ten Books for Restaurant Manager Insight

It is always rewarding to read a book and discover that you have gained valuable knowledge that can be applied in your life or your career. Here are my Top 10 Books for training and learning for anyone in or entering the restaurant industry. These select books are excellent resources for any owner or manager. […]

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