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Welcome to 2017, a year that is starting in a Supercharged atmosphere and upswing in business outlook. Owners, Partners, Executives and Management Teams in every restaurant organization are planning or implementing Restaurant Operation “changes” that will improve their business results. STOP – Get Wise! Do you want to improve your restaurant operation and gain some time in your life? Do you want to discover an easier solution for restaurant operations and restaurant marketing? A solution that will deliver results. Meet Wisely Served.

Smart Mangement Solutions for Restaurants

Smart Mangement Solutions for Restaurants

Wisely Served offers the Upserve platform that puts everything a restaurateur needs to know all in one place, providing real-time guidance to unlock the power of their menu, workforce, and guest habits. Upserve is the smart restaurant management assistant serving up everything you need to know to run a smoother operation and exceed guest expectations.

Experienced restaurant operators/managers become familiar with point of sale (POS) systems during their career. We could spend an eternity discussing POS, back office systems, dedicated servers and their wiring and cable installs, and then training our teams on their use. Technology as a subject will lose many decision makers in a very short time. I know – I use to be one. The end of shift nights trying to learn from cumbersome manuals or waiting on an 800 help line are not fond memories of my single or multi-unit management career.

Living in San Jose – The Capital of Silicon Valley for the past twenty-five years has provided additional insight to me. A multitude of new apps, advanced technology and now AI (artificial intelligence) will continue to appear in the market before we can even download last weeks updates. Staying current on “technology” is a daunting challenge especially when you want to serve your team and guests a great experience. Yes – team before guests. My suggestion is to leapfrog over tired legacy systems, processes and in some cases the POS systems.

In early 2016 I connected with Wisely Served Managing Partner Bertan Atac who is based in New York. Bertan presented me with the advantages of the Upserve (SaaS – Software as a Service) platform. I was very impressed and immediately realized that Upserve connects the dots for today’s restaurant management teams. It also fulfills my ProActive Management philosophy for leading restaurant operations. Simply put – Operations is Marketing and Marketing is Operations. Leading a great restaurant team that deliver your brand’s Sequence of Service ServPoints™ is the best marketing you can perform. Using easy to access and more relevant data, your front of house team will be able to achieve and deliver an optimum guest experience. And that’s good news for everyone – the guest, the team and the managers.

Watch the Upserve Introduction Video to start learning about Upserve’s Smart Management Assistant and then get ready to rock sales and results.

Call Bill Bender at Wisely Served to schedule a fast-track Upserve demonstration that will assist you in growing your restaurant sales and brand in 2017. Direct: 408-784-7371 or You can connect with us on Wisely Served social media @WiselyServed.

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